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We’re finally there! It’s time to relax, chill and not worry about any mymaths. This week the children finished their aircrafts, wrote their own Kennings Poem and started looking at equal groups and multiplication in Maths. BUT, the real show was on Friday! The super-duper-Neptune-Christmas-Quiz. A 14 round extravaganza (including film, music, book characters andContinue reading “IT’S CHRISTMASSSSSSSS”

Nearly ready for take off…

While the early part of the week was dominated by assessments, the end of the week was where the real fun was had. The children are starting to put the finishing touches to their beautifully painted aircrafts. All the children have now sawed their axles, cut their propellors and cut their wings. Next week, weContinue reading “Nearly ready for take off…”

Jingle Bells Mr Evans Yells

As I write this, I’m currently nursing a lost voice with some honey and lemon. This week, we have been creating Neptune’s window for the Flitch Green online advent calendar. I’ve felt like a composer, yelling at the children to strike the right notes and the right time. After a week of practising in theContinue reading “Jingle Bells Mr Evans Yells”

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